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Why People Prefer an OESS Solar System...

Going Solar has never been this easy. By contacting us, you will be enabling our team of Solar Specialists with the knowledge that could possibly save you thousands of rupees. We will use satellite imagery, public records and several other tools necessary to be able to give you a very precise Solar Quote. Whether you are looking to own, lease or for a no cost Power Purchase Agreement, we will be able to help you.

0ESS-200 Polycrystalline PV Module

- Measurement Tolerance on Electrical Parmeters +/- 5%
- All parameters are at STC 25ºC Cell Temperature, 1000W / m2 Irradiance and AM 1.5.
- Specifications subject to change without prior notice due to product upgrades.
- Prefixed cables, connectors, cable glands and bypass diodes are provided along with the module.
- All dimensions within a +/- 2 mm tolerance.

Solar Controller - Voltage of the battery is monitored

- The image of the LCD graphic symbol with simple button operation.
- The system voltage level Automatic Identification.
- Intelligent PWM charging mode.
- Automatic temperature compensation.
- Adjustable discharge control parameters.
- The operating mode can be set to load.
- When the cumulative number of charge and discharge safety functions.
- Battery reverse-discharge protection.
- Overload, short-circuit protection.
- Battery undervoltage protection & reverse battery protection.

Battery Charger

- High Transfer Efficiency, Quickly Starting Up.
- With Strong Adaptability and stability.
- With Low Voltage Protection.
- With Overload Protection.
- With Over Current And Short Circuit Protections to Avoid Damage to Electronic Devices.
- Expertly designed, lightweight, noiseless, environmentally friendly, simple to operate and easy to carry.
- This solar charger to be use when solar not is available (Optional) - for 12V MH DC kit.